My Events on My Scouting Menu

Can the My Events feature be added to the my Scouting Menu once we login? Difficult to find without a known link. Seems this is a persistent enough need to have it easily located on the Menu.

Thanks - Jim Sheckels

Not used for a long time. Doesn’t show on the web version. Seems abandoned and half left behind.

I do not even recall seeing it before

Is this in the Scouting mobile app?

Or my.scouting?

The scouting mobile app. About 6 months ago it was removed from There is a calendar event and an announcement link. I complained before. You can see the results. :slight_smile:

These should be removed from the app since they are not part of the system any longer.

It has never been linked that I recall. It is used every day. Many events.

Web my.scouting, but it should be in both

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. This is only in the my.scouting app. Not Scoutbook, not scouting, not IA.

At one point it was also on the my.scouting website.