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My name pre-fills as Unit Leader when I say a MB had been approved for a Scout on Blue Card

Hello! I am the Advancement Chair for our Troop. When I am adding a MB to SB for a scout after they have cleared it with the SM, let’s say that he has selected 4 MB’s to take to summer camp and I want to use the Print MB option, if I select that the MB was approved, my name gets printed in the Unit Leader section of the Blue Card. Is there a way to have the Scoutmaster’s name come up instead? I am guessing that happens because I am generating the MB’s but is there a way to get his name in that section instead of mine? To my knowledge, the SM does not access SB.

The leader that clicks the

link on the Merit Badge is the leader recorded for Blue Card printing. If you want the Scoutmaster’s signature printed, you need to have the Scoutmaster click the link.

In my troop, we do not print Blue Cards. For summer camp, we take a stack of Blue Cards to camp, the Scoutmaster signs them and other leaders write our Troop number and camp site at the top (not in the troop number field). The Scouts are responsible for filling out the remainder of the card,

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