My Old (15+ years) My.scouting ID is too short?

Accessing My.scouting via a desktop computer.

Forgot my password.

Followed the “Retrieve Password” Link - Was asked for login.
I’ve used the same login forever “bfahs” at some point a requirement was created for longer password.

When I try to retrieve passwords, I get a popup telling me that login is too short.
When I go to the “retrieve login” link, and ansewer the questions, I am told my login is… you guessed it “bfahs”

Next I used the Beta Chatbot and was actually able to reset my password… got the email with link and new temp password.

Using the login (bfahs) I can get into SCOUTBOOK, and This FORUM, but can still not get into my.scouting…

Suggestions? At this point, I’d like to Reset my LOGIN into a longer login that meets current requirements so I dont have this issue any more, but not sure how to go about that and link all my training / positions together.

I am a Key 3, so being locked out of My.scouting is starting to create some issues.

I believe Councils can rename users with VST - if not they can open a national ticket for it