My scoutbook account seems to have crossed with my wife scoutbook

I created a scoutbook profile since I already had a myscouting. Some how it has been crossed with my wifes scoutbook. I can’t seem to sperate them. My BSA ID is 3994914, my wifes BSA ID is 14216942.

@ShawnCameron They look separate to me.

What issue are you having?

My scoutbook is my wifes scoutbook, now when my wife logs in she is missing everything.

my BSA ID is under her picture, and there is my email. But I just made a scoutbook profile and so now when my wife logs in she can not see anything. Like we are sharing a scout book

She is also not the Scoutmaster for 630G, so I think she would like her scoutbook profile back.

So My Wife Deborah has nothing in her profile or scoutbook attached to 630G, I have it. when I just made a scoutbook login.

@ShawnCameron - I am curious about why you would have created a scoutbook profile if you are already a scoutmaster/key3… that would have already existed… I am totally confused

My wife is scoutmaster. Her profile existed before I tried to make one. Now hers is mine, and when she logs in its all blank and new.

@ShawnCameron I think I have you untangled. However, we cannot see profile pictures, so please log in and let me know.

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THANK YOU!!! It all looks back to normal. :slightly_smiling_face:


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