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My.scouting app manager never loading

Hello! I was wondering if anyone else was having issues where the application manager, and Invitation manager just never load. I have tried reloading, just letting is sit there and thing, everything, and they just never load. I get the swirling “loading” indicator that just never goes away.

Try it in a Private or Incognito window

I just tried it, and the same thing. I checked, and everything else will load. The security page, calendar, member manager, organization manager, organization dashboard. Everything except the Invitation and Application managers.

I get various issues on different devices and with different browsers, especially on my work computer. My guess is that it has something to do with firewall or a feature they’ve locked down.

I have the same issue. It just hangs and I’ve let it sit there for hours before giving up. Everything else seems to work but the invitation manager is really critical right now.