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My.scouting application bug take 2

When we last saw our hero, he was complaining that he was paying the next year when he “multipled” in a Pack. It then came out that that was a poorly communicated added feature and that the online re-charter would take that into account and show a credit as a pre-paid adult. It doesn’t. Our registrar can’t keep up as it is, so submitting this bug to her may not help. One reason why I went forward with this is I didn’t believe it would be bug free, but would have been happy if it was. So, it isn’t bug free. Can someone “in the know” report this? I MAY be the first, but I won’t be the last.


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ROFL :rofl:

Thanks for giving me a good chuckle, Matt.

I heard this in full “voice” in my brain.

@RickHillenbrand Any chance you can look into this bug (pass it on to the powers that be)? I may be one of the early real world test cases of a pre-paid adult. It isn’t giving me credit for it.


From the PM… Can you help? :

Rick – We’ll need sufficient information for Mike to have it validated if this Scouter registered with OLR and is PrePaid. That said, this could be a timing issue with Internet Rechartering depending on when payment was made.

Specifically, if a registrant is added new to the current, active charter but the processor already did Load Roster, the registrant is not there. If the processor uses Update Unit Roster, it will bring in the new registrant. We will confirm if that includes Advance Payment (Pre Paid).

Mr. Johnson may be the first, but there’s no way to verify when OLR payment and registration was done without more detail on his activity and the unit being renewed. Thanks, Tom

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Yes! Thanks.

The payment was made on 11/3. It was $0 for this year and $42 for Future Year.

I have done “Update Unit Roster” multiple times with no change. I just did it again to make sure, no one shows up as pre-paid.

The unit I multipled in was Pack 4201 in Bay-Lakes Council 635.
The original unit is Troop 1401 in Bay-Lakes Council 635.
My BSA ID is 135549993.
I attached my receipt for the multiple payment.

Let me know of any additional info they may need/want.

MRJ Pack 4201 Multiple plus 2021.pdf (26.6 KB) info that may be needed.

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@Matt.Johnson this continues to be worked by the folks at National. With the development team working nights now PLUS the long weekend, it may take a day or so for ScoutNet development news.