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My.scouting MBC updating

Now that Scoutbook is populated nightly from Scoutnet (or Akela in future) all updating should be done there. However, more of that updating should be done on-line, rather than by submitting paper.

New applications for MBC (pos. 42) must necessarily be done by paper with an Adult application, CBC form, and YPT certification.

Updating information after that should be possible by authorized volunteer(s). Currently the only method of changing address, phone, email, or, in particular, MB subjects is by submitting a Counselor Information form that a paid pro or other volunteer must then read and process.

The only authority (approval) for that Counselor Info form is a District or Counselor volunteer (Counselor Coordinator, MB Dean, or other name). That volunteer should therefore have equal access in my.scouting to make those changes without submitting a piece of paper.

If such authority already exists, I’ve not been able to access it through local council contacts. (I’m a member of the Council Advancement Committee).

To make sure that there is a running record of such transactions, I’d like to see an on-line form that any authorized volunteer could fill out (simulating the Counselor Info form) to update a counselor’s authorized badges and certain other information like change of phone or email.

Where/How should such a request be submitted.

Is this true for all councils? Other district level volunteers can receive a link to do it online.


I know for my council and any others in PA there are no on-line adult applications of any kind.

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I’ll wait for a pro to answer, but since the App and CBC is for a youth-interface position, i was told it had to be on paper and with ink-signature, no electronic sigs allowed. Just because you have another District position didn’t matter.

This may be a council by council decision. It is not true everywhere.

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The MBC can update their own email, phone number - it does not take a new app.

But, Pete, MCC is different in that they are requiring paper - but that is because of the MB selection sheet.

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Our district uses a google form for MB selection.

I know that changing email, phone, badges doesn’t require a new app, just an MBC Info form.
But 2 questions for Matt,
who is allowed to create the google form (I assume the individual counselor)?
who is responsible for reacting to the google form, what position/authority does that person have, and how do they access ScoutNet to get it done?

Actually, @PeterTownsend every single scouting volunteer is capable of changing their own email, phone in My.Scouting – the MBC Info form is NOT needed for those – even in MCC.

Very true, IF they log into my.scouting. I shouldn’t have been so short in my answer. The number of MBCs with limited cyberintelegence who never have and don’t want to learn my.scouting is the problem.
I assume from you answer you are also in MCC.

Yup… old Detroit Area Council & Great Saulk Trail Council. My home Troop is 782 in Livonia - Sunset District.

Hey there! Old Great Lakes Councili & Clinton Valley Council here! Troop 104 in Walled Lake - the MIGHTY Ottawa District

Ojibwa District CVC, Rued the merger with DAC, and then GLC. Started doing Advancement in '84 for T188. Wrote the council MBC database in dbase’s predecessor in early 90’s; now running in Access and used in several GLC districts including Ottawa, (modified jointly with Mike O. of Ottawa).

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This is managed by the district advancement committee.

I guess I was looking for a more definitive answer so perhaps we could institute something similar.

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Now that the thread has been highjacked, should i re-post this or should I wait for someone to say how to submit this request/suggestion?

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I too would like to hear more detail (and maybe see some examples) of how they implemented this Google form solution in their council.

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@PeterTownsend - the BSA itself is not a part of these forums. You will find volunteers here so these are not necessarily the folk to solve the issue or promote the cause but some may make mention of it in other channels.

In my opinion, the request would be most likely to succeed if it comes in through your council. As @Stephen_Hornak pointed out, although there are individuals on the boards who may hold positions with the national BSA, they are generally not “here” in an official capacity. They might bring the idea to others within their sphere, but it seems like an official request through official channels is most likely to get traction (or at least an official response).

I would start the discussion with your local professionals to see if there are specific reasons it can’t be done that way. That is also a good way to garner support, since the people you talk to remote likely to recognize and re-encounter you. I’ve also found that offering to do the work as part of a group of volunteers often addresses one of the concerns, which is personnel and cost.

At the same time, as much as it annoys me at times, the BSA is much more like a supertanker than a skiff. It turns slowly at best. Even a good idea with official backing will take time to pass through the bureaucracy to get to a stage where implementation actually starts, much less completes. The first part of the advocacy process is slow and depends on passionate people to continue pushing the idea forward.

A counterpoint to this is, with roughly 90% of National Council staff let go, there’s less bureaucracy.

On the other hand those that are left are swamped, they are essentially performing triage on the problems they encounter.

One could speculate that what does get attention doesn’t get just due as they’re likely to let details slip through the cracks.

Case in point is communication. They were to change the uniform of Webelos, only allow those with the rank to wear the Centennial uniform. Then without notice they seemingly reversed their decision.

We volunteers seem to happen upon changes, some tucked in the corners of scouting.org.