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My.Scouting synced to Scoutbook

Issue with new scout. His membership number appears on my.scouting but no membership number with blackout on Scoutbook and not synced. FYI he was initially hand entered with hyphen his two last names. Edited profile and removed hyphen still not synced. Council register says he was entered with no hyphen. I have submitted a ticket to Scoutbook.

It has taken up to 3 days before for us to have a scout sync after a name correction, assuming that we actually corrected the name correctly. At least once, we corrected a hyphenation issue as you described, only to later find that both we and the registrar had fat-fingered the scout’s first name in different ways.

How long ago did this scout get entered by the registrar?

3 weeks ago and he is listed on our roster on my.scouting.

I’m surprised you don’t have a duplicate on your Scoutbook roster. If you go to the pack page, does the scout appear below the list of dens?

Yes, he is listed on the Scoutbook roster and also in his den. Just not synced. The other new scouts I entered before turning in their apps in the roster were assigned a membership number and synced in three days. I still think the issue is with the two last names even though I checked with the Scout office registrar and confirmed the correct spelling. Again the registrar entered last names with no hyphen and I did enter with hyphen initially but I removed the hyphen click update a week ago.

Is he on the roster twice? Once in the den and once not in the den?

Only on roster once.

While I agree that it didn’t populate the bsa member number because of the name mismatch, it should have brought the other version in after your registrar entered it. Try this: go to your pack roster page and click transfer in scout (at the bottom). Fill out the info needed for the version without the hyphen. Then, it should add him to your roster. Once on your roster, look at that Scout’s Membership. How many current entries are there? Prior?

Jacob: The scout now appears on both the pack roster and den roster 2X with one synced and one not. Do I delete the membership that is not synced? Also listed is past membership 9/12/19 to 9/18/19 youth member and 9/12/19 to 9/18/19 Webelos member. Current membership Webelos member which is date joined 9/27 (today). Thanks for your help! Much appreciated!!

If you haven’t done anything with the non-synched record, you can delete it. If you have, you’ll want to send an email to and ask for them to be merged.

The Scout has completed a few requirements AND completed his Bobcat Badge under the non-synced AND his parent has connected. So I guess I will send an email to Scoutbook Support and ask them to be merged. We’ll see how Scoutbook responses. Again, THANKS for your help!

I’m getting responses pretty quickly on my requests this week.

Could you check one other thing for me? For the one that is synched, go into the past memberships, is there anything in the notes?

On the synced past membership notes state AkelaSBDeltaSyncInsert. On the synced current membership SB-1714 Keith Smith confirmed this transfer in …

Thanks. I was looking for clues as to how it didn’t initially show up before you ran the transfer tool. It doesn’t have a note about ending it. So, it points toward a user manually changing it, but that’s far from conclusive.

Jacob… FYI Scoutbook Support states you have to re-enter advancements when they do a merger. This is true, it happened.

Yes, that is true. Did you have advancement in both or just one? If just one, I’d have hoped they’d check that and keep that one.

SYNC an scout

  • W Scout
  • Edit Profile
  • Add BSA ID
  • At page bottom
  • As a Troop Admin I have verified this information is correct Check mark
  • W Scout
  • W is setup por sync Click here to Activate

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