My son's account does not have Connections

To Whomever It May Concern:
I am Scoutmaster. When I go to my son’s account. I do not get the option of “Connection’s”. It is not there. I want to add his Merit Badge Counselor, but I can not since it is not an option to add any connection.

Thank you,
Steven Stuart


It appears your recharter for 2022 has not been processed. This could be causing some issues. I recommend you reset your admin role by doing the following:

Go to your Troop roster
Select your name
Select your unit admin role
Set the Approved check box then click Update without making any other changes.

Let us know if that works to allow you to change connections for your son.

So that you know, I am able to see and update everyone else’s in the troop. Also for my son, I can not see membership or payment Logs. I can see the other 5.

I will try what you say above.

you have lost Full Control of your Scout - try the above

After doing that, as you said, I am able to see all of those

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