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Names in Red on Scoutbook

I’ve looked all over the forums and can’t find this. Last year, all my scouts names were in black. This summer, I became CM and a pack admin on scoutbook. We moved the scouts to their new dens and everybody’s name is now in red. On my home page, the den I’m assigned to is also in red. Is this something I’ve done wrong in the transfer? I can still award scouts and such, I just want to check so their records don’t get lost at some point. Thanks!

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Were you a leader last year? Scout names in black means that you are not connected to them in Scoutbook. Scout names in red means that you are connected to them in Scoutbook, and it indicates a clickable link (click on a Scout’s name and you go to the Scout’s main page).

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Okay, I was a den leader last year, so I only had access to those kiddos. As long as red is what it’s supposed to be, I’m happy! Means I didn’t break anything! Thank you!!


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