National Jamboree Council Contingent troops using Scoutbook

Is there a way that we can create a “troop” in Scoutbook so that the National Jamboree Scoutmasters within our council’s contingent can use the messaging/email features to send out to all of the scouts/parents in our council’s national jamboree troop? This way we can record attendance and get RSVPs for our shakedown trips and meetings too. We could then also record advancement for the scouts in the contingent troop during the Jamboree if I as the Scoutmaster have access to these scout records.

@RyanPankoe - only real units in scoutbook

It is not feasible and to many degrees is outside the GTA on Advancement


There is no advancement done / signed off by Jamboree troops.

Any merit badges at the Jamboree require a blue card from
the Scout’s real SM.

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If I remember correctly with “multiple” registrations, only one unit can be designated at the same time as the “primary” unit for recording advancement.


This is not true. When a Scout is registered in multiple units, any of the units can record advancement, however, they should coordinate to make sure they know which unit is buying and presenting which awards.

Jamboree Programs

We may not know more about Jamboree program activities and events until sometime in 2023. Merit badge booths is a possibility. It is too early to know how requirement completions may be communicated from the jamboree to the Scout’s local MBC. Use of Scoutbook may not an option if communication facilities cannot handle the large number of Scouts at the jamboree.

Jamboree Service Team Troops

For planning purpose there is a job choices list of JST troop numbers apparently updated August 16, 2022, at

2023 Troop # Job Name Group
6153 STEM General Staff Program Frontier Quest
6154 Merit Badges Booth Staffs Program Frontier Quest

I believe the national camp standards allow staff to be merit badge counselors for badges they are qualified and registered to counsel.


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