National Merit Badge Counselor Application Processing Issues?

According to our council, merit badge counselor applications are not able to be entered due to some issue that exists at national offices in Texas. This is all of the information that has been given, however, I was unable to find any mention of this issue in the forums.

Can any information be provided on what the issue is and when the anticipated resolution is?

The only thing we have heard is Merit Badge Counselors (MBCs) must be registered on one day and the MBs added the next. For example, if an MBC is registered today, their MBs cannot be added until tomorrow.

There is an issue being investigated where MBCs are not getting an e-mail when MBs are added to their list to counsel. This applies to both new MBCs and existing MBCs.

We’re typically given less than detailed information regarding the miscellaneous issues that seem to plague our council but apparently it had something to do with entering paper applications manually, which were affected by some national issue causing them to have to be re-entered again. It sounds like a different issue but it’s unclear whether the re-entering of the applications by council was successful or not…

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