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National Outdoor Award Camping

For National Outdoor Award for Camping, does the scout need to camp 100 nights or 125 nights for the silver award?
How does it go?
25 nights patch
50 nights gold
75 nights 2nd gold
100 nights 3rd gold or silver
125 nights 3rd gold, 4th gold or silver

National Outdoor Awards Program
National Outdoor Badge for Camping
A gold device may be earned for each additional 25 nights of camping.
A silver device is earned for each additional 100 nights of camping.
The youth may wear any combination of devices totaling his or her current number of nights camping.

My understanding is that it works like this:

25 days and nights = patch / segment
50 nights = gold device #1
75 nights = gold device #2
100 nights = gold device #3
125 nights = silver device #1 or gold device #4


Do nights previously camped overnight as a Cub Scout count? I thought I had read somewhere that that do. Or is it only as a Weblo?

all camping under the Auspices of BSA count - so all Cub nights count as long as they are pack nights or den nights

There’s a clarification of that at the link @JenniferOlinger posted above:

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The Scouts BSA Requirements Book provides further clarification:

As is the case for the National Outdoor badges, outdoor activities completed as part of an approved Cub Scouting, Scouts BSA, Sea Scouting, Venturing, or Exploring program may be used if they meet the requirements.


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