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National Outdoor Awards question about hours/miles

For numbers of hours or miles accumulated for National Outdoor Awards, can you count practice hikes and preparatory rides, etc for the total miles or hours? Example preparatory hikes for Philmont, prepatory bicycle rides getting in shape for the looong rides, hours or miles in boats earning skiing merit badge, etc. .

It seems like a “prep” hike/ride is just a “regular” hike/ride conducted as a prelude to another “regular” hike/ride. I guess I’m not seeing the distinction. Are the “prep” events not complying with some other requirement of the awards (e.g. not “under the auspices of the BSA”), or is it just nomenclature?

I’m not aware of a minimum length/duration for the individual distances/times making up the total required distance/time.

Bryan on Scouting: Interpreting ‘under the auspices’ in National Outdoor Awards requirements

A “BSA unit activity” may include some individual efforts not part of the group: e.g., a pre-conditioning exercise where all unit members commit to and actually ride their bikes X miles a week prior to a big troop bike ride. It is not meant to include activities that the Scout undertakes that are unrelated to Scouting — e.g., family or church group camping, running as part of the school cross-country team, etc.


Thank you. That clears things up.

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