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National Summertime Award pin - which one, Bear or Wolf?

I searched this forum but couldn’t easily find an answer. Info on the internet is ambiguous or contradictory.

Wolf cub earns his Wolf badge in June, begins wearing the Bear gear and is in the Bear Den. The three summertime events happen while he he is is in a bear den. If he attends the three summer events. Which pin does he receive, the wolf version or the bear version?

I read some arguments that say he gets the wolf version, which made sense to me. Now using Scoutbook for the first time, the only version listed in Scoutbook is the wolf version.

Someone please verify if this is correct.

Then, please advise me on what I should do. I raised this issue with our Advancement Chair and she said the pack has always got the new rank version (Bear in this case), not the old one. I did the paperwork for my pack myself, the ribbons and pins have been obtained, and they are planning to distribute them in a couple weeks at the next pack meeting.

Should I tell her to award the appropriate pins (wolf pins to the new bears), first making sure she obtains enough pins from the scout store, and save any extras for future years?


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You have only found ambiguous and contradictory information on the Summertime awards because the BSA has said as long as the pack is consistent, it does not matter which award to present.

In my pack, we present the award based on the den the Scout has joined at the end of the school year. This allows our Lions to earn the award in their first summer with the pack as the first award is for Tiger. Since Lions officially can join Cub Scouts once they begin kindergarten, they are not in the pack until after the summer.

Yes, Webelos could earn the same pin twice. We have a few Scouts who earn are active enough to have two Webelos pins.

In your example, I would award the Bear pin because the Scout was in a Bear Den over the summer.

There has been an issue in Internet Advancement 2 where it is only showing awards for a rank which the Scout has earned. We are checking to see if this has been fixed or not. Scoutbook (www.scoutbook.com) will show the award based on the den for which the Scout is currently a member and all previous ranks.


As @edavignon said, guidance from the BSA is that packs can choose to award the National Summertime Pack Award pins either way, as long as the pack is consistent.

Because your pack has been doing it based off of the Cub Scout’s current den level (Bear, in your example), then I would suggest bringing the issue to your pack committee before making a change to go by a Cub Scout’s former/previous den level (Wolf, in your example).

The intent of the National Summertime Pack award is to encourage packs to be active over the summer – it is a participation award. There is no pin for Lion Scouts, so if you go by former/previous den level, then Lion Scouts would not be able to earn any of the pins during the summer between kindergarten and first grade.


Thanks @edavignon and @JenniferOlinger for your detailed clarifications!

I will follow your advice and go along with what we’ve been doing. The new Bears will get the bear version.

@edavignon I found the bug you mentioned. My son is now in the bear den. In Scoutbook, three options are listed for this award: tiger, wolf, bear. In IA2, only the wolf option is displayed. See screenshots.

Thanks again for your help.



@edavignon, our council allowed us to register a Lion who had not yet begun kindergarten but was a registered kindergarten student. He was registered in July, about two months before the first day of school.

He did not participate in an activity in June except as an unregistered younger sibling, but he is probably the first Lion in history to earn the Conservation Good Turn and Messenger of Peace awards at the first event he attended as a registered Scout.

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While councils may be “allowing it”, that is inconsistent with the message from national on this.


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