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National Summertime Pack Award Pins

Many of us are confused on this. In the 2018 printed version of the Bear Handbook page 290 it states…Youth and adult pack members can earn the award…however; I was told by a council representative while ordering pins for those Scouts who completed all the requirements that parents do not receive the pin, just the Scouts.
Could someone please clarify this…Can parents earn the pin for their Scout’s rank?

I, too, was wondering the same thing Tina. Thank you for posting.

There are multiple threads on this topic and here is one:

Thank you Stephen.

Tina, Adult Pack Leaders are the adults they are talking about not adult parents. So your Tiger Den Leader would get a pin but not the Tiger’s scouts mother (unless she was the Den Leader).

You can choose to do what you want. My pack only awards them to the scouts.

Is this why the NSPA application asks number of parents who participate?

To be more thorough, see the following from the other thread.

The end result is that the BSA has conflicting info on this. Since my pack thinks it unnecessary to buy pins for adults, we chosen to think that the reference about adults earning it is either obsolete or referring to adults being a part of the pack earning the summer time pack ribbon. But these are not restricted items, so there’s nothing to stop you from buying them if your pack has the cash to spare.

Not that I know of. The official description at Awards Central states that the pins are for Scouts.

Scouts who participate in all three pack events are eligible to receive the National Summertime Pack Award pin, which they can wear on the right pocket flap of their uniform.

Confusion appears to be coming from the 2017 Bryan on Scouting article which states:

Youth and adults who participate in all three events earn a nifty pin that can be worn on the right pocket flap of the uniform shirt.

The short and long answers -

The individual pins are for scouts, according to BSA Awards Central.

Who Can Earn This Award?
This is an individual recognition for Scouts.

The history of this award explains the confusion of who may earn the pin.

I quote from a non-BSA source only because BSA does not maintain their own history pages.


The BSA provided a National Summertime Pack Award since the middle 60s. The original award consisted of a certificate … and a streamer for the Pack’s flag …

In 1971, the BSA created the National Summertime Pack Award pin … it could be worn by both youth and adults who were members of the Pack at the time of the Award. The first instance of the Pin appeared in the 1973 Insignia Control Guide …

In 2009, the BSA created versions – the current versions – of the National Summertime Pack Award for each Cub Scout rank/year to be worn by those Cub Scouts and Cub Scouters who were members of the Pack (and Den) during the time the Pack earned the National Summertime Pack Award …

With the Summertime Pack Award, leaders who attended all 3 months’ activities can wear the pin for the den level they serve, correct?"

… [this is] referring to an older page on the BSA’s site which referred to the wearing of the Summertime Pack Award pin by both youth and adult members of a Pack earning the Award.

The answer is “No. Only youth members get to wear the pins now. The BSA’s Cub Scout Program team put out a revision to the older posting back in 2014 which re-established the National Summertime Pack Awards for only youth members.”


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