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National Summertime Pack Award

Webelos Scouts have two summers in which they can earn their Summertime Award Pin. Is it cumulative? Specifically, during their first summer (after June 1 of Webelos year), the scout in question attended an event in July and another in August. This summer (after June 1 of AOL year), they attended a June event. Does this result in a Webelos Summertime pin? Thanks!

The events attended by an individual have to be in the same summer.

The award is earned and National Summertime Pack Award Application is submitted for one summer period at a time.

More detail from “How to earn the National Summertime Pack Award”,
May 2, 2017, by Bryan Wendell, Scouting magazine Bryan on Scouting article:

To be eligible, your pack must hold one activity per month in June, July and August. Do that, and you’ll get a streamer for your pack flag and a certificate suitable for framing.

Youth and adults who participate in all three events earn a nifty pin that can be worn on the right pocket flap of the uniform shirt.

Dens that have at least 50 percent of their youth members at the summertime events get a den participation ribbon.


National Summertime Pack Award (2018?)

33066 Cub Scout Insignia, p. 28

National Summertime Pack Award, rank-coordinated pins: Tiger, No. 14332; Wolf, No. 14333; Bear, No. 14334; Webelos Scout, No. 14335; worn centered on right pocket flap.

National Summertime Pack Award (2012)

33066 Cub Scout Insignia, p. 24, Guide to Awards and Insignia, Copyright 2012 Boy Scouts of America, SKU 614937

National Summertime Pack Award, rank-coordinated pins: Tiger Cub, No. 14332; Wolf Cub Scout, No. 14333; Bear Cub Scout, No. 14334; Webelos Scout, No. 14335; worn centered on right pocket flap.

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Anyone know when a Lion NSPA will be available? I have Lions that joined in June of 2018 so that they could participate in our Packs summer activities. They met the requirements for the pin. It is a shame that BSA has shorted the Lions and Packs/Dens that get Lions that want to start as soon as possible.


Officially Lions are not supposed to start until the school year starts. I have heard of no plans to create a summertime pack award for Lions.


We have 2 recruitment events - one in May and one in August. We don’t yet have a Lions den so it doesn’t impact us. Once we start one, it will be confusing to our school’s parents that they are invited to one recruitment event but not the other. Starting in the summer also gives parents time to get uniforms and look through the handbook. Due to recent organization changes, our Pack’s closest scout shop is 5 hours away. Time for parents to orient themselves and order items is valuable. I think Lions should be able to start June 1 just like everyone else.

Thanks! I thought it was per summer but thought I would double check.

We also recruit 2 times per year so that we can get new Scouts involved in the summer activities we do. 2 per month. BSA should really reconsider changing the NSPA to include Lions.

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No one from the BSA monitors these forums. I recommend sending your comments to or local council officials.

BSA Advancement Team

Per @ Twitter: AdvBSA

The National Advancement Team is responsible for Boy Scouts of America advancement policies and procedures. Send questions to

Related question: Do all scouts in the pack receive a Summertime Pack Award pin or ONLY the scouts that actually participate in an activity each month (Jun/July/Aug). For example, my pack will easily qualify for the award, but my son missed the July camping trip. He did multiple scout activities in June in August. Should he still receive a pin?

Hi, @BrendonHoch,

According to :

Who Can Earn This Award?

This is an individual recognition for Scouts.

The pack can qualify for the certificate and streamer by planning and conducting three pack activities—one each in June, July, and August, or during other school vacations if your pack is in a year-round school.

Dens with an average attendance of at least half their members at the three summer pack events are eligible for a colorful den participation ribbon.

Scouts who participate in all three pack events are eligible to receive the National Summertime Pack Award pin, which they can wear on the right pocket flap of their uniform.

[Emphasis added]

For the Pack award, there must be at least one event in each month (June, July, and August).

For the individual award, they earn the pin if they attend 3 summer events. The application form (and website) do not specify that they attend one per month. Our Pack has 6 events (2 per month). I track attendance and # of family members that have attended so that I can fill out the summertime award application. Once a scout has attended 3 events, they have earned the individual summertime award.

I think the rational behind the “one per month” statement is so a Pack does not have one long weekend event and count it as 3 separate “events”. The events must be spread throughout the summer to encourage participation. Although the “one per month” statement is not listed for the individual summertime award, that is how it is setup in Scoutbook. I guess the assumption is that Packs only have a total of 3 summertime events. In our Pack, it is a moot point since most of the scouts that earn the summertime award by mid-July also attend both events in August.

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Melissa, I think to earn the individual pin, each scout must attend at least one event each month, even if there is more than one event in any month.


I think you are misreading the requirements. The den and pack awards in the middle of the awards description can be misleading.

Guide to Awards and Insignia

Description on page 28 lists stock numbers and states where the awards are worn.

Awards Central

If you remove sentences about dens and packs, to list just the sentences related to the pins for individuals the description is:


To encourage a pack to be active when school is out for the summer, by doing one activity per month in June, July, and August.

Who Can Earn This Award?

This is an individual recognition for Scouts. … Scouts who participate in all three pack events are eligible to receive the National Summertime Pack Award pin, which they can wear on the right pocket flap of their uniform.


Thank you for your input. I think the statement is not very clear. “Scouts who participate in all three pack events are eligible…”. This works if the Pack has three events. Since our Pack has 6 events, it does not fit our Pack.

If you take out “three”, it reads “Scouts who participate in all pack events are eligible…” It does not seem fair that Scouts in a more active Pack are penalized for not attending all 6 events.

If you take out “all”, it reads “Scouts who participate in three pack events are eligible…” This seems more reasonable and in keeping with the idea of scouts remaining active over the summer.

Since our events are scheduled 2 per month, scouts must, at minimum, attend events in 2 different months. Most of those scouts attend more events and cover all 3 months anyway. We have several scouts that attend all 6 events. Thanks for your thoughts!


The wording for the award does assume that you are holding only one event per month. It was created to encourage packs to have year round programming. So, imagine a pack that previously had no summer events. They were then being encouraged to have just three. I’ve always read it as the scouts need to attend one event per month. If you look at the application, that is how it is parsed.


Thanks for the input. Since we have 6 events, I have to print two copies of the back page and modify the front page to include all of the relevant info and numbers. The application format assumes that the Pack only has 3 summer events. I think the language about individual summertime awards is vague as to what happens if a Pack has more than 3 summer events.

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@MelissaScott1 - I will point out that you will only be able to make a single entry for each scout for the pin.

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The last day of school here was June 14. We had four June events, and all were before school ended. I made four copies of the second page to accommodate the events. Only one Scout participated in all four of those events. Three others participated in three of them. If I were to sign all four of those Scouts off on the National Summertime Award based on their June participation, they would have earned it by June 10, with four days of school still remaining. That seems outside the spirit of the award’s intention.

You should administer the award the way you think is in the best interests of your pack, but I don’t think the wording is vague. The idea is for Scouts to participate in events throughout the summer months. That’s why it says on Awards Central that the purpose of the award is

To encourage a pack to be active when school is out for the summer, by doing one activity per month in June, July, and August.

When they say that a Scout must participate in all three pack events, it is tantamount to saying that the Scout needs to participate in (at least) one event in each of the three months, since it refers to the three events, each of which is held in a different month.

To give the adult leaders a bot of a break and time for family vacations, we had only one July event, and it was on the 20th. Since our last June event was on the 10th, we went 40 days between activities. One Scout who is signed up for summer camp this month and participated in two June events missed the July event, and we’re not giving him the National Summertime Award, even though he will have three June-July-August events.

We have three events on the calendar in August, one of which has already passed. As a result, we already have three Scouts who have earned their National Summertime Award. One has participated in six June-July-August events and is signed up for two more. The other two have participated in five June-July-August events and are also signed up for two more.

We recognized that having only one event in July might cause one or more Scouts to miss out on earning the award, but we felt the break in the schedule was the right thing for the group. We have two more Scouts who already have June and July checked off, and they are both expected to attend at least one August event.

I’ve seen others post in forums that they understand the requirements to mean that the pack can designate only one event in each month as the one that qualifies Scouts for the National Summertime Award, no matter how many events are held. They reach this conclusion, because the requirements say that the pack needs to hold one event each month. So, there are others aside from you who see problems with the language being used.

Such a strict interpretation often spawns discussions about a pack that has summer camp and another day trip scheduled in the same month and which one should be designated as the qualifying event. Some will chime in that summer camp is so important that those who attend but miss the day trip are most deserving of the recognition. Others will say that summer camp is a time and money commitment not every family may be able to make.

Just the nature of these discussions leads me to believe that such interpretation is far too restrictive. The standard to be applied is Do Your Best, and that means Cub Scouts should get credit for either event.

In administering the den award, I give the den credit for its best attendance in each month. So, if the den has at least 50% of its Scouts in attendance for one event in June, July and August, I sign them off on the Den Participation Ribbon. We have two dens that have already earned the award, and no other dens will be able to do it, because their attendance at the July event was insufficient.


Thanks for your input. I appreciate the interest so many people have shown on this topic. I think it demonstrates the passion and energy so many leaders invest in Scouting.

I address the den awards the same way you do. Each den that earns the award must have had at least one event each month with 50% attendance.

I agree that assigning only one event per month as the “award” event is too restrictive, too (in the case when Packs have multiple events per month). During the summer, families take time to spend together on vacations, camping trips, and other quality time activities. Those activities promote the same values as scouting. We have multiple events so that scouts are not “penalized” for being out of town with their family. They have multiple opportunities to earn the award if they choose. Plus, we have fun at all of our activities!

The spirit of the award as I read it is that Packs should have events scattered all through the summer so that scouts can participate in a variety of activities no matter their schedule. I think that is the reason for the 1 per month rule. It forces the Pack to spread out the opportunities for participation. I think the spirit of the individual award is to reward scouts that participate in multiple activities throughout the summer. Scouts do not have control over when vacations or other activities are scheduled. When they “Do Their Best” and participate in 3 different activities over the course of the summer, it feels appropriate that they have earned the individual award. Thanks!

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