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National Summertime Pack Award

When asking my local council about it, they suggested using it as a carrot to encourage participation throughout the summer. Structure the pin award however you feel will make that participation happen.

As for the Lions pin. You could offer it the year after Lions (even though they are officially Tigers), this would be consistent with one pin per year. Arrow of Light wouldn’t earn the pin and probably wouldn’t care. Having the pin be for the year that are officially in is thorny for Lions because it would be easily missed by new parents who didn’t think to signup until September because they were told they couldn’t start until kindergarten.

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There is no Lion version of the National Summertime Award. The Tiger version is earned by Scouts in the June, July and August after their Lion year. In the past, it was rare for a Tiger to get the award, because most didn’t register until school started. Most of those who earned it were younger siblings who signed up to be registered while at summer camp. Now, with many Scouts moving up from Lions to Tigers, there is a much larger pool of registered Tigers that exists in the summer before first grade.

Webelos get two bites at the apple: the summers before fourth and fifth grades. Most packs only award them one pin, but I see nothing that prohibits awarding two Webelos National Summertime Award pins.


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I would also like to see Lion’s added. We recruit Lions in the spring and they even have a special Lion Mini-Day Camp program offered by council that they can participate in. Scouts begin work on their ranks June 1st according to national. Achievement completed at summer camp counts towards a Scouts next rank. There is no reason Lion’s should not be able to earn the National Summertime Award if they join before September.


If the issue is one concerning program, please also send to


RE: having 3 summer events or multiple ones

The way I’ve always done this form is to pick the 3 most-attended events and list only those on the form. There may be other ways to choose the events to maximize the number of individual pins given.

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Has anybody else already completed all three summer events with their pack and not have the award track in Scoutbook? I had set each event up to earn either the June, July, or August portion of the individual summertime award but now that we’ve completed our August event (and we took attendance at everything), it doesn’t show any of the kids who completed it under the ‘Needs Approval’ section…

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The calendar does mark things complete @TeriDavidson - you need to go in and mark the awards yourself


According to page 498 of the Webelos Handbook, the summertime pack award may be earned by adult pack members as well! Wish I had known this sooner as I just submitted paperwork to our scout shop & purchased pins for our youth scouts. Our unit has 5 adult leaders who have earned the pin. The form online is not clear that this award is for youth AND scouts…

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The individual pins are for scouts, according to BSA Awards Central.

Who Can Earn This Award?
This is an individual recognition for Scouts.

The history of this award explains the confusion of who may earn the pin.

I quote from a non-BSA source only because BSA does not maintain their own history pages.


The BSA provided a National Summertime Pack Award since the middle 60s. The original award consisted of a certificate … and a streamer for the Pack’s flag …

In 1971, the BSA created the National Summertime Pack Award pin … it could be worn by both youth and adults who were members of the Pack at the time of the Award. The first instance of the Pin appeared in the 1973 Insignia Control Guide …

In 2009, the BSA created versions – the current versions – of the National Summertime Pack Award for each Cub Scout rank/year to be worn by those Cub Scouts and Cub Scouters who were members of the Pack (and Den) during the time the Pack earned the National Summertime Pack Award …

With the Summertime Pack Award, leaders who attended all 3 months’ activities can wear the pin for the den level they serve, correct?"

… [this is] referring to an older page on the BSA’s site which referred to the wearing of the Summertime Pack Award pin by both youth and adult members of a Pack earning the Award.

The answer is “No. Only youth members get to wear the pins now. The BSA’s Cub Scout Program team put out a revision to the older posting back in 2014 which re-established the National Summertime Pack Awards for only youth members.”

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But according to the latest edition of the Webelos Handbook “Youth and adult pack members can earn the award”. I just checked my sons Bear & Wolf Handbooks and the same language is there too.

Do the handbooks need to be corrected?

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Under the event, it let me ‘schedule’ the June part of the award if they attended the June event and so on - usually when you enter a piece of an adventure it automatically posts it for leader approval after the event happens and you take attendance. I thought it was weird that that didn’t happen here. Know what I mean?

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Planned advancements under events do not function like that - currently they are only there for planning purposes @TeriDavidson


BSA does not have their act together about this award.

In support of the history of the award I used the Internet Archive Way Back Machine to find old posts about the award on Boy Scouts of America > Cub Scouts > Adult Leaders > Uniform & Awards > Unit Awards > National Summertime Pack Award

second paragraph wording on 2014 Jan 14:

Qualifying packs receive a colorful streamer for their pack flag. Dens with an average attendance of at least half their members at the three summer pack events will be eligible for a colorful den participation ribbon. Boys who participate in all three pack events are eligible to receive the National Summertime Pack Award pin, which they can wear on the right pocket flap of their uniform.

second paragraph wording on 2016 May 05:

Dens with an average attendance of at least half their members at the three summer pack events are eligible for a colorful den participation ribbon. Boys who participate in all three pack events are eligible to receive the National Summertime Pack Award pin, which they can wear on the right pocket flap of their uniform. This is an individual recognition for boys, not adults. The award application may be found at

It seems the pin was limited to scouts before 2014, but, due to confusion, sometime after 2014-01-14 and before 2016-05-05, wording was added to specifically exclude adults from the award.

The confusion has continued. The Cub Scout handbooks have not been updated with the correct information; even Bryon On Scouting, as posted above by Bill, has adults earning pins.

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It also adds to the confusion that the application form asks for # of parents/family members participating in each activity each month.

Probably the easiest thing to do is to spell it out on the actual application form with a specific statement that adults are NOT eligible for the award. I know there’s a forum for suggestions on changes to scoutbook, is there one for suggestions on changes to handbooks… :wink:

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This is also one of those applications that will never be looked at - it is Supply Group that wants to sell them and they really don’t care who gets them. We are not talking Eagle Rank here. Think it is a Do Your Best situation.


To be honest I think I have purchased the pins without even submitting the form.


Our council scout shop keeps these pins behind the counter and will not sell them unless the official form is submitted.

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I was involved in Cub Scouting as an adult in 2008-2009, when the change happened. They went from one generic pin that could be earned only once by a youth or adult to one for each program. To those involved at the time, it was obvious adults could no longer qualify for the award, because the generic pin was eliminated. Even if one didn’t read any of the information released, that conclusion could easily be reached. If they meant for adults to continue being eligible, they would have kept the generic version.

Of course, adults who earned the award before 2009, may continue wearing it, since BSA uniform items never go obsolete.

This seems to be one of those situations where a ghost is hanging around for a long time after its life has ended. The question about adults earning the award comes up over and over, because there are so many places where the editing has been deficient. Apparently the Webelos handbook is one of those places.

I think they ask for the number of parents/adults participating in the hopes that they might someday compile statistics about summertime involvement. I don’t remember what the form looked like in 2008, before the switch. Our pack never got the award back then. I couldn’t get enough adults to do an August event, even though we did a full week of summer camp in July and usually had good youth attendance.

I didn’t earn the award as a youth either. When I was a Cub Scout, they said goodbye to us at the last meeting in June, and we didn’t see anyone from the pack again until after Labor Day. The only exception I recall was a camping trip in August at the start of my Webelos year. It’s too bad. Since school went to the second or third week of June where I grew up, We always had several June activities. All we needed was a picnic in the park in July, and I could have earned the award.

The big unanswered question: Had I earned the National Summertime Award as a youth in 1976, could I still wear it on my uniform, since it was a youth/adult award at the time? Is the answer the same today as it was in 2008, when the youth/adult version still existed? Had I participated in June-July-August pack events in 2008 (or earlier) as an adult, would I have earned an award different from the one I would have earned in 1976? I’ve never seen definitive answers to these questions, but they are fun for those who enjoy proper uniforming discussions. Since I never earned the award, I don’t need to solve this puzzle, but others out there might.


Several of our Scouts have completed the award and ScoutBook has tracked fine.


Thanks, Paul. By chance were you the one who set up the events? I know it should work because it tracks everything else beautifully and I always set it up like this. For a single July event I had it set to earn the July portion of the award in each rank but now that the events are complete, nothing is in my Needs Approval report. I’m just trying to figure out what I did wrong so I don’t do it again…

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