Nature Merit Badge Requirement #5

Scoutbook erroneously indicates there are only four requirements for the current version of the merit badge (2014-2021); the Leave No Trace requirement (#5) is not included. (See screenshot from Scoutbook.) Request that Scoutbook be corrected to reflect the actual Nature MB requirements.

Leave no Trace was dropped from Nature in 2020 - Scoutbook is correct - we checked with programs at the time


Nature.pdf (

Summary pdf at is
Copyrignt 2018, 2020 printing.
Needs to be updated. Pamphlet and online summary pdf may have been published before Leave No Trace was removed from the Nature MB in 2020.

I believe there are other discussions in the Forums about Leave No Trace issues.

I suspect Outdoor Programs | Boy Scouts of America ( may have a mix or old and new information.

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