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I am working on a presentation of navigation and piloting for a ship. I have various references to use but wondered if someone already had a course outline.

Some Marine Navigation Resources

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Thank you very much. I will check concerning the USCG connection but I also checked out various youtube clips. Jim

USCG Auxiliary Training Activities

Note: Sea Scouts BSA and USCG Auxiliary requirements may be worded differently.

Providing Shoreside and Underway Training Opportunities to Sea Scouts, January 2019, (Extract)

Recommended Training Activities

Following is a list of Auxiliary boat crew tasks/activities that can be provided by certified Auxiliarist Boat Crew for training Sea Scouts.

Sea Scout advancement requirements are available online. Please note that Sea Scout advancement requirements and Boat Crew tasks/activities are not always worded the same. Sea Scout advancement references are provided for informational purposes only.

Shoreside Training

BCM-04-03-AUX : Identify Common Navigation Lights Displayed By Ships and Boats

  • Sea Scout Advancement reference: Ordinary 9.e

BCM-06-01-AUX : Identify the Basic Parts, Symbols and Abbreviations Found On a Nautical Chart

  • Sea Scout Advancement reference: Able 9.d, 9.e

COX-05-01-AUX : Identify Navigational Publications

  • Sea Scout Advancement reference: Able 9

Underway Training

BCM-06-02-AUX : Identify Common Aids to Navigation Used In Small Boat Piloting

  • Sea Scout Advancement reference: Able 9.d

BCM-06-03-AUX : Identify Local Landmarks Used in Piloting on a Nautical Chart

  • Sea Scout Advancement reference: Able 9.e

BCM-06-04-AUX : Plot a Position Using Latitude and Longitude

  • Sea Scout Advancement reference: Ordinary 10.a

BCM-06-05-AUX : Plot a Magnetic Course on a Nautical Chart

  • Sea Scout Advancement reference: Ordinary 10.f, Able 10.b

BCM-06-06-AUX : Measure Distance on a Nautical Chart

  • Sea Scout Advancement reference: Ordinary 10.f, Able 10.d

BCM-06-07-AUX : Compute Time, Speed, and Distance

  • Sea Scout Advancement reference: Ordinary 10.f, Able 10.c

Again thank you very much, I previously printed out the SS requirements at various levels and have checked various references for helpful info. The Coast Guard info will make this much easier, Jim

These are the most comprehensive resources I’m aware of. By the way, as always, you should look on first - there are tons of resources like this out there. Don’t reinvent the wheel!

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Do a search for “OUPV” in Google or on Youtube. There are tons of training materials online for navigation. I used a bunch of these when I was training for my OUPV license.
Here are a few I used:

USCG practice tests:

Other practice tests

Thank you. I will check these out for sure, Jim

Thank you. I just glanced at the attached but it seem to be exactly what I wanted. Thanks to you and our great scouting community! Jim

You’re welcome. If you need additional help or topics, I can share more details with you. I completed my OUPV captain training and gained a lot of information from it. The navigation work came easy to me, the “rules of the road” is all memorization and lots of details. I saved off a bunch of URL’s for more info, but those two links I shared had some of the best details.

Thank you all. I am new to sea scouts which is why I was asking. I do have sea going experience but your various information gives me a better idea of what to present, Jim

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