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Neckerchief Color Change?

When was the Wolf neckerchief color changed to red? When I bought my daughter’s uniform in September, it was yellow. Red makes sense, because it is consistent with the rank badge and adventure loops, but I’m just now seeing red neckerchiefs available.

It was announced a while ago (prior to September), but they needed to go through their supply of yellow first. Many shops are still selling the yellow.

Once an official uniform always an official uniform - so your daughter is still good to go

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i think it started at the beginning of the year with the introduction of the Lion program. I think they did this to make the necker match with the rank patch.

My kids were wolves this past year and I called a few scout shops around my area to try and get the red ones, but no one had them yet. I like the look a lot better than the yellow ones, plus all the pictures in their books have red neckerchiefs now. Hopefully I’ll get to see the wolf den this coming year in our pack all decked out in red! :wolf: :small_red_triangle_down:

The Online Scout Shop has the red Wolf neckerchiefs. I don’t know if local Scout shops have them yet.

My local Scout Shop (operated by BSA National Supply in Wilmington, Delaware) JUST started selling the red ones. As CM, I let the parents of Tigers moving up know that either yellow or red was acceptable, so they would not freak out in the store.

I bought my daughter’s Wolf neckerchief on June 1, and only yellow as available. Another Tiger ==> Wolf parent bought one on June 8, and only red was available.

So, it took about a year from the announcement to exhaust the supply of yellow ones. If a Scout Shop operated by National Supply is selling only red ones, it it likely they have no yellow ones left in stock.

We have four Tigers moving up to Wolves: Two have yellow neckerchiefs, and two have red neckerchiefs.

Since I bought a yellow neckerchief for my daughter a week before our ceremony, I used a script that addressed the color yellow being associated with cheerfulness in Cub Scouting,

The outgoing yellow Wolf neckerchief was called a Cub Scout neckerchief before the introduction of the Bear neckerchief. I wore mine for two years from 1974 to 1976, and I still have it. Countless others wore that neckerchief for two or even three years before me. I offered to let my daughter wear mine, but she declined and wanted her own.

Although I do think the red neckerchiefs look sharp, I do mourn the disappearance of the yellow Cub Scout neckerchief.



I agree with Peter, that tradition should trump color harmony. If BSA were to poll American scouters present and past about colors for cubs, they would get an overwhelming cry for “blue and yellow.” The survey results would then promptly be ignored and National would do whatever it pleased because their marketing team has a solid track record of design changes that resulted in membership growth – oh, wait, they don’t. Well, I’m sure there was a good reason besides all of those hand-me-down neckers diminishing sales.:confounded:

Anyway, I would admire any pack that maintained a tradition of older cubs signing the back of their necker and handing it down to a cub moving into that class.
Long live the yellow-shoulders!

Let’s see… I’m voting red!

  • Red
  • Yellow

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Thanks for the poll! (Caveat: I’m a Pittsburgh sports fan, so yellow’s a big part of the psyche.)

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Haha, I’m a Philly sports fan… I’ll be good! This isn’t the place for some good trash talkin! A scout is friendly! :yum:

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I selected yellow in the poll. I actually prefer the red color specifically for wolf, but I don’t prefer buying a new hat and neckerchief every year. The blue hat and yellow neckerchief did me well when I was a kid.

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It’d be cool if there was a square(ish) neckerchief that had tigers, wolves, bears, and webelos all in their own quadrant. Then you could simply fold it so the appropriate year was on display. You could keep the same neckerchief from first to fifth grade and have different looks each year.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love pictures of my kids in their orange tiger hats and orange neckerchiefs and then, semi-coincidentally, orange sneakers last year. This year the red hat, yellow neckerchief, and red sneakers didn’t look as cool. The next time they need sneakers, if we happen to see light blue ones, I’ll be getting them for the light blue hat / neckerchief / shoes look next year!


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