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Neckerchiefs tied by knot

I am seeing more photos of neckerchiefs without slides. Instead they are knotted towards the pointed ends of the neckerchief. Any background on this practice?

When I was a scout, we wore out neckerchiefs square-knotted near the top, not the bottom. I’m curious about the “knot-at-the-bottom” practice as well.

ETA: Apparently, this looks like the friendship knot:

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A knot as a good-turn reminder

Boy Scout Necktie (British Boy Scouts, c. 1908)

When the Boy Scouting was founded, the boys wore neckties, not neckerchiefs.

A necktie is tied at the top. The knot used on the Scouting for Boys - The Original 1908 Edition (Dover 2007 reprint) cover appears to be a Half-Windsor. The knot in the black and with drawing “A Boy Scout’s Necktie” in “Camp Fire Yarn - No. 2” appears to be a Windsor knot.

A good-turn-reminder knot appears to be tied towards the bottom of the necktie. The yarn does not say what kind of knot to use.

Summary of a Boy Scout’s Course of Instruction (extract)

… When you get up in the morning remember that you have got to do a good turn to someone during the day; tie a knot in your handkerchief or necktie, and leave the tail of your necktie outside of your waistcoat to reminder yourself of it. …

Boy Scout Necktie and Neckerchief (BSA 1911)

On the cover of The Official Handbook for Boys, Boy Scouts of America (2007 reprint 0f 1911 edition) the Scout appears to be wearing a rolled neckerchief. In the “cheer up” drawing the Scout is wearing Boy Scout necktie. In a group photograph a single Scout may be wearing a necktie or neckerchief. In a drawing for an advertisement the Scouts are wearing neckerchiefs; and in another ad the Scout is wearing Boy Scout necktie (a half-length necktie that comes down to lower third of the pocket).

Scoutcraft (extract)

… So the boy scout of today must be chivalrous manly, and gentlemanly.

When he gets up in the morning he may tie a knot in his necktie and leave the necktie outside his vest until he has done a good turn. Another way to remind himself is to wear his scout badge reversed until he has done his good turn. …

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