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Need help contacting myscouting training IT support concerning YPT

Our group has been retasked to take the YPT before recharter in october!
I retook the YPT test and passed and waited …and waited. Over a week now and I have not been issued a YPT certification that says I took it this year … It just lists my old one. Can someone at BSA Info Tech help me? There appears no way to contact web teams for their site. A tad frustrating.

contact your local council

we tried that little diddy :slight_smile: . Unless the local council developed the national site for YPT course training that will not help. Our scout leaders also mention that too. This is a IT issue at the national site. We have tried but all they do is bring it up the chain with no response back. Scouting IT must have a contact? A ticket support system?

Volunteers can no longer submit tickets - contact your local council for support

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There is also a related thread here indicating that the issue itself has been escalated to BSA IT.


awesome, thanks, I did a search before I posted but missed keywords I guess.

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