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Need Help Transferring Webelo Into our Troop. Online transfer not working

This year we have had 4 new boys request to transfer from their Webelos Pack to our troop. Three of the boys’ transfers went through the online application manager in my.scouting.org, however, one of the boys will not go through. The Pack leader has tried to transfer him, but the transfer will just not go through online.
It was suggested that we use a paper transfer. Can anyone give me a link to the correct paper transfer form?


It’s the Youth Application.

What is the error they get?

Also, you likely are already aware of this, but identify the application as a transfer on the bottom right side of the youth application. Make sure that the scout’s name, BSA ID, DOB, and the parent’s name, DOB and email address all match what is already in Scoutbook. Otherwise, it is likely to generate a new BSA ID/Scoutbook account for one or both of them.

I’ve been getting an error when I try to submit my son’s transfer too. The message is: “You are not authorized to access this API.”

I don’t know how to reference another thread, but it looks like another group of people had the issue and solved it.

So just to complicate the mix… as the CC of the Pack and Troop I was able to transfer our AOL/WebelosII scouts from the pact to the troop without issue. Now I will say that I reached out to our registrar to ensure that there was a parent linked to these cub scouts prior to said transfer. I initiated the transfer one scout at a time… caution is the guide… and I had applications pending on the troop side, accepted those and the next day bingo they were in the troop in scoutbook and my.scouting.

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