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Need help with training.scouting.org

So it has been some time since I was involved with scouts. I have created an account at training.scouting.org and have enrolled in a few of the courses. When I go into the training I am getting a page that is not populated with any information. I have tried this on several different training modules, and all have the same result. Is that website using java or some other app that needs to be installed? I’m using a widows 10 machine. Sorry if this has been discussed. I searched but could not find it.

@BradGorman I highly recommend that you use the Chrome browser and use the Incognito Mode private browsing window when you access any of the BSA systems. You will find that this helps with 99-44/100ths of the problems you will encounter.

Thanks, I was using Brave witch is built on chrome but your suggestion resolved my issue. Thanks

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Brave - while “built-on” Chromium, much like the new Microsoft Edge browser, is just not the same. I have had mixed results and success, so I try and stick with what works.

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