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Need helping connecting to my son

My youngest son ID # 136644954

I cannot connect to my youngest son in scoutbook. I received an invite to access and It shows under my connections we are linked (my ID # 129970349) but if I click his name under my connections for his ID it sends me back to my dashboard where his unit is listed because of my middle son’s connection but his name is NOT listed under my family for me to access. If I try to add as a parent/guardian connection under my connections it says we are already connected but again doesn’t show anything under my family to select him. And if I go into his den under the unit and try to select his name it says I cannot access him because we are NOT connected.

Please help!

@LaurenDutrow is this AD, LD or RD?

My Youngest son is RD

Well they are all messed up some - what Council? I see 2

I’m also having a similar issue with my oldest son AD which I posted on the Scouts BSA Forum.

is current registration Del Mar Va? @LaurenDutrow

All 3 of my boys are currently registered with Del-Mar-Va Council except my oldest son AD who is dual rostered with both NCAC and Del-Mar-Va.

I am a registered District Committee Member at large for the FSK District with NCAC but it’s showing a Del-Mar-VA badge under my name which I’m thinking because I’m listed as a parent for my kids?

Well then AD needs to pick one Council to advance in - only one MID can be active at a time unless he keeps to 2 SB Users - but they will not match

AD’s primary unit is Del-Mar-Va, we kept the dual roster because he attended events with the NCAC unit since the Del-Mar-Va one went silent with COVID-19. They are finally starting back up so he will be more active with Del-Mar-Va now.

I redid our connection to RD to see if it helps

RD and AD are now showing up under my family and AD’s NCAC unit is now showing under my units. I have emailed the Del-Mar-Va Council to correct the spelling of his first name it’s supposed to be Aidan.

I’m assuming since my two oldest son’s AD and LD were registered in two different Council’s they will always have two different selections under my family?

Thank you so much! Do you know how I correct my positions information? It’s only showing one of my positions for one year in 2019 and my 2020 and 2021 positions are not listed. I have actually been a registered leader since 2014 so those prior ones are missing as well.

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