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Need Scoutbook update to READING MB PLEASE

The READING badge was updated in January 2020 but Scoutbook still only offers the 2004 version/requirements. I had 8 scouts complete new requirements 1 and 6 today and we have nowhere to record this. Help please! Thanks!

Updating the MBs for the 2020 change is in the backlog. Unfortunately the BSA does not the developers of award changes prior to making them public.

In the past have they caught up pretty quickly??

The turn-around time has been all over the map. I suspect this is largely due to differences in the complexity of the changes, what else is already in the pipeline, how BSA-IT directs the developers on prioritization, etc.

I’m assuming that the scouts have blue cards signed-off for the two requirements, since my council doesn’t allow substitution of Scoutbook entries for signed blue cards. I tend to rely on what the signed cards say, rather than my ability to remember what I signed-off for my counselees. I try to take snapshots of the card at the end of each counseling session so I have a reference if the scout loses his or her card (and hasn’t backed it up themselves).

That said, I would suggest, at least as a work-around, entering the information (date signed-off, by whom) in the top-level notes section of the merit badge for each scout, and hold for the updates to be announced. You can even include a snapshot of the blue card signature block in the comments.


Thanks that’s a great idea.
Do you know, if they open the badge and we put their blue card in attachment will we be able to change to the new version once added?
Thanks for your sights!

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I think you can delete existing comments, but I know you can add new comments with updated notes & photos. My scouts and I do this all the time.

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