Need to blend two BSA IDs on

I am a scout parent…My BSA ID is: 132898416. When I log in to my account, I am getting a message that "We have found that your account is linked to an inactive Member ID. When I enter my ID and assign it my Chapter “NCAC”: I get the message that the “Provided Member ID does not match the existing user profile”. However, I pulled my most recent YPT and this BSA ID is indeed correct.

I am using my sons account to send this message, since his account is working. However, my son’s “Applications” are all tied to my BSA ID / account. And I need to transfer his applications / account to a new troop by the end of the year. My sons BSA ID is 132891963.

I am logging on via a laptop - MacBook Pro using MacOS Catalina using version 10.15.7. I using Google Chrome.

@AlexanderKing3 are you trying to use your log in with Apple sign in?

You are using the wrong login - use the Sign in with apple feature - not the username - or if you do not know that we can move it all to the user name

Note: UL User 11728608 - 5032640

That worked. Thank you. I will see about proceeding with the Applications.

Question - how do I log in from another PC (non-Apple) device in the future?

OK if you are in with Apple I will clean things up for you

the button will still be there no matter what device you are on

Once I know you are good with the Apple Sign on I can clean the rest up so it does cause you more issues

I was able to successfully submit the transfer requests for my son and me under the Applications tab. THANK YOU so much.

Question - should I transfer or merge my sons Applications to his BSA ID or keep it with mine? He is 14 years old now.

You cannot do that - it is yours as a parent - if Son logs in he will see it too

He does not though - when I log in to his account.

They might have to be 18 for them to appear - not my area.