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Need to correct spelling of my son's first name & need connection access to other

My son is dual rostered with two units in two different Councils. One I can access through my dashboard the other I cannot. One has his name spelled correctly, the other does not.

ID # 136919998 for Del-Mar-Va Council
ID # 129140159 for NCAC

First correction needed: His first name is spelled Aidan, NCAC has it correct, Del-Mar-Va does not, and Scoutbook will not allow me to correct it. Can you please correct that for me?

Second correction needed: I cannot access my son’s NCAC account. I received an invite to access and It shows under my connections we are linked (my ID # 129970349) but if I click his name under my connections for his NCAC ID it sends me back to my dashboard where his NCAC unit and name are NOT listed under my family nor my unit for me to access. If I try to add as a parent/guardian connection under my connections it says we are already connected but again doesn’t show anything under my family nor my unit to select him.

Please help!

Del-Mar-Va Council will need to fix the spelling of Aidan’s first name. After they fix it, it will sync over to Scoutbook in about 24-48 hours.

I have re-set your connection to Aidan. Try logging out of Scoutbook, then log back in.

Thank you! I have emailed the Council contact so fingers crossed.

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