Need to delete "duplicate" adult profile

Hi There - Somehow someone created an extra profile for me that i can not login to but when invites are sent it sends it to this duplicate profile (which is not fully set up) instead of my primary profile. i need to have this duplicate profile deleted but our committee chair says she can’t as there is no way for her to do it.

The credentials for me & active account are:

BSA# 110336722
USERID: 7299118

The other profile is under *

Both are linked to my son’s scout book account under:

BSA #: 132000295
USER ID #: 7698474


I have merged your accounts.


Your physical address differs between Scoutbook and Akela. To get them in sync, go to Edit Profile in Scoutbook. If it is correct there, just click Update or Save without making any changes. If it is wrong, change it then click Update or Save. This will push the address to all systems.

Thanks for merging them. However i am not getting notice emails from scoutbook for events and neither is our committee chair person when i decline or accept. i did click to update/save.
Can you double check to make sure everything is set properly?

That account might not be invited to any event - so that is the first thing to check @RobertKirk

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