Need to delete parent


Back when I was the Cubmaster for our previous pack and was trying to figure out how to use Scoutbook, I created a “test” parent account that I linked to my scout. I’d now like to delete that account or at least de-link it so it doesn’t show up in Scoutbook/Internet Advancement. Any chance someone could help with that?

The name for the Parent Profile is “Gtest Stest” and it is probably still associated with the Far East Council. I can provide the email account that is associated with it to if there’s someone I can directly send it to.

The Scout this parent profile is linked to is the following info:
Member ID 14275130
SB User ID 11678101
Previous BSA Member ID: 13729650

My own primary BSA Member ID is 14275136.

Please let me know if any addition information is needed, and thanks for the help!

This should be fixed.

Thank you, as always!!!