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Need to elevate help request

Hello - I have tried working with local council to solve this and they can’t figure it out… I am showing up in Scoutbook twice with two different BSA #s and User #s. I have tried the “Manage Member ID” on the My.scouting.org but get the error message that the “extraneous” ID number doesn’t exist… but it is showing in SB as a “connection” on my son’s profile. I’ve tried searching for my name, the number, etco - no joy. Council doesn’t know how to combine the accounts/delete the extra one… How can I go “above” the Council and find someone who does have access to fix this?

Looks like the Other BSA # was a Far East one and they did not put in a DOB for you. The Scoutbook side is fixed for you

OMG!!! We have been trying to fix that for almost two years!!! Neither Far East or our local had any idea what to do!!! THANK YOU!!!

FEC needs to add your DOB to the other MID then you can manage them

We are long gone from FEC… can that one just be deleted?

either way you have to talk to FEC

ok - thank you so much…


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