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We moved from the Transatlantic Council to the Spirit of Adventure council in New England. After we moved I asked about getting my account moved to a different council and the response I got was to complete the new account registration with training forms and create a new BSA ID. Then my scout master here suggested I check in these forums, and I see a lot of people trying to merge accounts from two different locations. It seems like there must be a way to support people who have moved to a new region without generating a new account and then merging them… Would really appreciate input.

@CalebSanders1 - each council has its own set of bsa id numbers so you would indeed need a new bsa id.

@CalebSanders1 I guess you are a parent? Once you register as a leader or get a new MID from Council the training and stuff can be merged easy - log into > Click Manage Member ID > one of the BSA # will be there marked PRIMARY > then add the other MID (BSA #) - you want to make the one that is your unit registration PRIMARY - all training merges to Primary

Yes I am a parent. I should have mentioned that to begin with, I guess. Does my child’s new scout master have to create a new MID for me? I tried to create a new account at and it said that I already have an account, and that I need to use that account to login. I tried to create a new account as an adult volunteer (since parent isn’t an option) but it wants me to pay and go through a whole series of background checks, etc, which isn’t what I am trying to do. This is incredibly frustrating.

So after logging out and back in again, despite not paying the $60 fee, I apparently have a new member ID tied to the new Council, and it is listed as my primary. I was able to then delete the other account, so I guess that resolves my question. Hopefully I can start getting email notifications for the new pack now :).

@CalebSanders1 OK - so is your unit requiring YPT from parents or something? Hope you did not click delete?

Yeah, I did click delete, and apparently that has borked The unit uses scoutbook to send messages out, and otherwise I get no communication and end up missing things. What a convoluted system of interwoven websites. At least I won’t get notifications about stuff going on at his old pack in Europe anymore. Ugh.

@CalebSanders1 You should be all fixed now.

Please log all the way out, then log back in again.

@JenniferOlinger thank you for whatever you fixed. You have resolved a source of huge frustration these last 5 months that just kept getting kicked down the road in hopes that I’d have more time to fix it later.

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