Need to re-register Cubscout

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2years ago, I had my nephew registered under my name as guardian. He left Scouts, but now wants to come back in. His profile was de-registered, but how do I re-register him? I would like to reactivate his old number and account and have it put back under me since he is now going to be fostered by my wife and I (and hopefully, eventually adopted).



@MichaelDickinson1 lets NOT PUT up kids personal data and DOB please. Go to a local unit or to to register the scout

@DonovanMcNeil is correct that reaching out to a local unit is the best way to get registered, since (other than Lone Scouting) scouts register through their units. Ideally, the unit scouters can also answer questions about how to maximize the chances of getting the same BSA ID resused/linking it if it can’t be re-used (e.g. moving to a different council).

If you are in the same BSA council, then you can likely re-use the same BSA ID, but be sure to provide it when you re-register the scout. Ideally, the personal information (full name, DOB, etc) will trigger the system to automatically find the existing ID, but including that on the application can go a long way to making the registrar’s job easier in linking those accounts, even when the automatic system doesn’t spot it (e.g. previously registered under a nickname).