Need to Reset Adult's Access to My Scouting

I have an elderly adult Committee Member in my Pack. She does not own a computer or have internet access. As a result, she cannot login to her MyScouting account and complete YPT. And because she cannot complete YPT, we cannot recharter. The email she used for her account was associated with her old scout organization and she no longer has access to it (or someone who does), so we cannot reset her password.

I am requesting for her MySCouting account be reset to our Pack email address so we can assist her in completing YPT.

Pack email: (e-mail removed by Moderator)
(name removed by Moderator) MID: 8457099

Thank you,

Steve Meyer

@StephenMeyer2 Your local council can directly reset her password.

Haha! Thank you. I have unsuccessfully tried that for several weeks and I have been lost in the bureaucracy. Not your problem, just frustrated. I will reach out to them again.

Steve Meyer