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Need to see details when adding a parent

When we need to add additional parents or guardians to a Scout’s connections, we use the search box to see if the person is already in the system. When it finds someone with the same name, the arrow on the right side doesn’t work to show the person’s details. Just because someone has the same name doesn’t mean they are the intended person. Since we can’t see the email address or any other information about that person until we’ve already invited them to connect to the Scout, this creates a risky situation in which we might invite a stranger.

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Scoutbook will never show personal information when searching for an individual. Doing so could lead to identity theft because it would allow anyone to obtain the personal information about anyone in the system.

Scoutbook shows the city and state of the individuals it returns as a result of a search. If you have more than one person with the same name, city and state appearing in the results, we recommend searching by e-mail address or BSA Member ID as these searches will return a single person.

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The only people adding parents are registered adult leaders who have undergone background checks & taken YPT, etc. I would hope Scouters are a bit more trustworthy than most. I think the risk of accidentally connecting a stranger is far greater, & undermines our ability & duty to protect the youth.
The city & state only show up if they had their profile filled out. Otherwise it just shows a last known council name, & those give no indication of a location.

I have to disagree with your premise here, @JoshMonasmith. It’s inconvenient that you need to search by email address or BSA ID, but that’s the most effective way to do it, and it protects youth and adults.

Making a change to protect some users at the expense of others is not the correct option.

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