Need to update user profile and delete alternate profile

Hi, how do I go about having a duplicate profile deleted and updating the name on the profile that I use?
Brian Fox


Is this your account? If it is your’s we can get your BSA Member ID (MID). If it is someone else’s, please post the MID (no name) and we will investigate.

Hi, yes this is my account, MID 140203657. Troop 2 Alameda, CA.
It show my name as Brian Fox but should actually be David Brian Fox. I just finished all of the YPT training and the livescan/background check paperwork as David Brian Fox (legal name).

If you look at my son Wyatt Fox it shows 3 parents though, David Fox, Brian Fox, and Kristen Fox.
I use the Brian Fox profile but need the name updated. I guess the other profile was created by our cub scout den leader? But I was unaware of that and never activated it.

thanks for your assistance.
David Brian Fox


I have sent you a private message as we need more information that we do not want shared in a public forum. Click on the green B in the upper right of your forum window to access the message.