Need Troop Admin rights added

Troop 398 (Hanover Park, IL, in PTAC) did not recharter for 2022. All youth and most adults have dropped off the ScoutBook Roster. Myself and 3 other adults remain. Those 3 adults seem to remain because they were Troop Admins (I was not). Those 3 adults can still login to ScoutBook but actually do not have any Troop Admin capabilities. Can I get Troop Admin rights assigned to me so that I can cleanup the troop Roster?

the other 3 adults are all admins - they can make you one or they can clean it up

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Yes ScoutBook does show those other 3 adults as Troop Admins. When they login to ScoutBook, they actually do not have any Troop Admin rights that work so that they cannot do the cleanup or make me a Troop Admin. I actually was with these 3 adults when they unsuccessfully tried to do these Troop Admin activities in May/June 2022. If it matters, those other 3 adults no longer have any active Scouting registrations but I do (289402 / 5531773).

@LanceHall you can talk to you council to send in a ticket

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