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Needs Approval Report - Advancement Report

I had a Scout who turned 18 in December 2019 and just passed his Eagle Board of Reviewing earning the Eagle Rank. I was able to record the date of the EBoR under his Advancement Profile for the Eagle Rank, however, I am unable to mark as “Leader Approved.” Since I cannot mark it Leader Approved, it does not get added to the “Needs Purchasing Report.” Since it isn’t added to the Needs Purchasing Report, I cannot download the PDF Advancement Report with his EBoR review date and submit it officially to our Council Service Center.

I suspect this is so, because he is no longer a youth member since his 18 years old. How do I complete this process? As Advancement Chair and ScoutBook Admin, I would like to process advancement reports, and update the dates for his Eagle Palms so that everything is properly processed.

Please help?



Units cannot mark the Eagle Scout rank as approved, because this rank has to be approved by BSA national has to approve the rank. After national has approved the rank, your council will put the rank into ScoutNet.

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Does the scout no longer appear in your unit roster? If the scout still appears in the roster, you should be able to add the EBoR date as the date earned for any palms otherwise complete as of the scout’s Eagle board. That should make them (not Eagle rank) eligible for Leader Approval, but possibly not until national approves the Eagle rank.

Thanks for the responses. @JenniferOlinger, unless this has recently changed with ScoutBook, it hasn’t always been this way. I’ve been the Advancement Chair for 5 years when we started the troop as well as our ScoutBook admin since before the it merged with the BSA. We now have a total of six Eagle Scouts, and I had no issues with first five scouts. In fact, our 5th scout had his EBoR in December 2019, and I had no issues with marking it for “Leader Approval” and downloading an advancement report, which is what I cannot do for the latest Eagle scout.

@CharleyHamilton, yes, the scout still appears on the Troop’s roster, however every time I try to approve anything for this specific scout, I get kicked back to “My Dashboard.” I don’t have any issues with approving completed requirements for all other scouts.

Another bit of information that may be helpful for the scout that I am having trouble approving, is he is also a member of our Venture Crew, however, I am not on the Crew’s committee, and I don’t handle its advancement. Could it be that since his over 18, and technically and adult with the troop, and me not affiliated with the Crew affecting my ability to process his Scouts BSA requirements?



I think I saw something in another thread about issues with dual-registered youth when the person trying to manage them wasn’t an admin in both units. Is the dual-registration new, or did it already exist before you started having access problems for the scout’s advancement?

There is a recent fairly change, where units are no longer able to mark Eagle Scout rank as approved in Scoutbook. I believe this happened in December.

However, it is possible that there is a related issue with this particular Scout also being registered with a crew.

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