Needs Approval Report missing scouts with bad parent email

If you have a scout whose parent’s account does not have an e-mail address, then the scout will not show up in the Needs Approval Report.


Scouts whose parent’s account does not have an e-mail address:

a) Scoutbook

b) Scoutbook

Needs Approval Reports where they do not show up:

a) Scoutbook

b) Scoutbook

It looks like these two scouts have also dropped off our my.scouting roster for some reason…that may be the real explanation.

I will contact Council…

Scout a has an expired Cub Scout registration from 2013 under BSA member number 129204345.

Scout b has no registrations.

They were registered. We contacted the council, and they even found the processed paper application. They have no idea why their my.scouting registration has been deleted.

Their Scoutbook records have approved merit badges and requirements, which cannot have happened if they were not registered.

They both have valid BSA ids.

They both were only added to Scoutbook through the nightly synch. The notes on their memberships say “AkelaSBDeltaSyncInsert”.

I presume something went wrong with these recent changes, and their my.scouting records were deleted by the nightly synch.

The only thing I am aware of that is distinctive about their situation is that their parent’s account has no e-mail address associated with it somehow.

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