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Needs Approval report only works for one troop

I have access to two troops in Scoutbook - a boy troop and a girl troop. However, something happened recently so that when I run a “Needs Approval” report for either troop, it only shows me the girl troop. I do not have any way to see this report for the boy troop anymore. The results are the same across multiple devices and when I run the browser incognito. Has anyone else seen this issue?

look at your leadership page in Scoutbook and make sure they are correct AND Approved

The other thing to keep in mind is that if there is nothing to approve, the unit will not appear in the selection list.

I am a troop admin for both troops, and the boy troop has over 40 scouts and plenty of stuff that needs approval.

I occasionally have to “refresh” my unit admin position to get things working again. Have you tried the following?

Go to:

My Dashboard -> My Units -> Troop ##B -> Troop Roster -> Your Name

then click on the unit admin position for the relevant troop, accept and approve (even though it already looks right) then save.

The process is path-dependent, so it won’t work if you go via My Positions from your dashboard.

I don’t see an “accept and approve” option there, but it shows the position as approved. I updated it to be sure, but no change.

What State are you in?

Sorry. You’re right. I was mistaken about what the toggle & button said.

Rats. I was hoping that would work.

I am in North Carolina

so it is 318 not working?

Yes, when I try to get to 318B, I get 319G.

OK - i erased your admin and added it back - log out and back in and see - also what is the URL of the 318 Unit page?

Same result, BUT… I just talked to our scoutmaster, and apparently he discovered this report for the first time over the weekend and approved everything. I usually wait until a counselor signs off the whole badge before I approve the requirements, so it’s never had everything approved before. Someone earlier in the thread said that this might be the cause. Not sure why it would take me to another troop rather than just tell me there is nothing to approve, but maybe that’s what the problem is.

it shows ALL units you can approve in - so if Unit A (where you clicked NAR) has nothing to approve - it rolls to Unit B.

Ok, that explains it then. Sorry for the run around, and thanks for all the help!

So, if you had stuff in both units and clicked Approve All, it would approve all in both units?

no it only shows one unit at a time

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