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Needs Awarding Report has Duplicate Merit Badges

Looking at my current Needs Awarding Report and the Needs Purchasing Report I find 2 duplicate entries for one scouts with two different merit badges. Please see attached screen shot. (Camping MB & Cooking MB for Isabella)

I suspect that this is due to the scout having recently turned 18 (has age extension)(completed Adult application as a UP) and now shows up both in a patrol and as a scout not in a patrol.
When I click on the scouts name either in the patrol or in the not in a patrol list the presentation is the same with all ranks and merit badges, etc correct (the ScoutUserID is the same in the browser address window).
The scouts has two Current memberships (both with a green check beside them):

  1. Unit Participant in yy Troop
  2. Scouts BSA in xx Patrol Troop yy
    What is the best way to fix the duplicates?

SUAC might have better clarity on what’s going on behind the scenes. On the face of it, it seems like putting an end date on the “Scouts BSA” (i.e. youth) membership and maintaining the “UP” membership would be the right call, since that’s how the scout is now registered.

That said, I know that UP registrations had been causing issues in some cases, so there might be a better answer in light of the current functionality of Scoutbook.

ETA: Actually, I misread something. When you say that the ScoutUserID is the same I’m assuming that has to mean that the BSA ID in the profile is the same. Do both instances show the same BSA ID? It seems like it has to match, since the ScoutUserID should be the database tag, but maybe I’m wrong…

Can you reassign the unit participant to the patrol?

Assigned the UP to the correct patrol and the duplicate MBs in the Needs Awarding Report and the Needs Purchasing Report disappeared. I thought that might work but would rather be safe than sorry. Thanks
Yes BSA ID was the same for both & the ScoutUserID was the same.
Now that I have placed the UP into a patrol as recommended by Jacob all is good.

Did placing the UP in the patrol automatically end the other membership, or do they show two memberships in the patrol now?

Yes the other membership (non-patrol membership disappeared) so assigning the UP to the correct patrol fixed all the problems I was seeing. Thanks again to all for the help.


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