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Needs Purchasing Report/Advancement Report

Hello. I have created a Needs Purchasing Report for my Pack…when do I close said report? Is it automatically closed at Council when items are purchased at the Scout Shop? Also, is an Advancement Report needed with the Needs Purchasing Report?


@CourtneyAtkinson - you would need to manually close the PO… As far as the advancement report it is needed for Ranks and restricted items. The loops and pins do not require the advancement report.

I like to close mine after I officially award it just in case I need to add something on there last minute.

Thank you. Is there a way to look up said Needs Purchasing Report to close it? I can’t seem to find that option.

@CourtneyAtkinson - in the unit page, go to reports > needs purchasing > it will list the open PO and a link for closed PO

Jackpot! Thank you!! :grinning:

I close purchase orders as soon as I go to the Scout Shop and purchase the items. If I need to purchase something else later, I just create a new PO.

If they don’t have something in stock, I delete the PO and put everything I purchased on a new one then close it. This puts those items I still need to purchase on the Needs Purchasing report so I can get them on a new PO.

As others have said, I close the PO after I have gone to the scout shop and purchased all awards/items needed. Then I mark those as awarded after the Pack meeting where we present awards.

@edavignon I may start trying your second point. We have a large pack and take up our scout shop’s inventory pretty easily on some items and I have been manually tracking those on a separate spreadsheet. Your was seems better. Thanks!

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