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Needs Reports issue

I am the Advancement Chair for my sons troop and we will be having our COH this weekend. When I logged in this morning to check if my Scoutmaster and ASM’s approved some items in my “Needs Approval Report” I wasn’t able to. The banner on it said “TIMEOUT ERROR”. What can I do to fix this as I need to be able to not only check my reports but also run/send my advancement and purchase order to my Scoutshop. I can do everything else like quick entry, send message, look at the rooster, my MBC… Please help.

Well darn - OK for approve go to a sub-unit you can get to it all there - purchasing is a different matter and I will keep looking - this has been reported and highly escalated

If you go to My Dashboard - you can get to all the Needs Reports

There were performance issues this morning that appear to have been cleaned up. Let us know if you still see the problem.

It’s all good now. Not sure why it did that but it’s fixed

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