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Nerf Wars

Hello! I was once told that Cub Scouts are not to have Nerf Wars as a sanctioned pack activity unless there is a certified range master there, and all shooting sports rules are followed. Today, I decided to Google that information to find out the official Scouts, BSA word on the subject, but all returned results were announcements about various packs around the country who were planning (or recently had) Nerf Nights with their packs.

Was I misinformed? Does anyone know the official Scouts, BSA stance on Nerf Nights with regard to Cub Scout packs? Is there an official stance?

Thank you!

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the simple answer is scouts cannot aim anything at another scout. I will look in the Guide to Safe Scouting later for the reference


pg. 40 -“Pointing any type of firearm or simulated firearm at any individual is
unauthorized. This prohibition includes archery tag. Scouting units may
plan or participate in paintball, laser tag, or similar events where participants
shoot at targets that are neither living nor human representations. Units
may participate in formally organized historical reenactment events, where
firearms are used and intentionally aimed over the heads of the reenactment
participants. The use of paintball guns, laser guns, or similar devices may be
utilized in target shooting events and following the Sweet 16 of BSA Safety”


While i dont necessarially agree with the rule, and i know many units ignore this rule, it is in fact the rule and some variant of this rule has been in place aince at least the mid 1980’s.


As other have said, a war involving shooting each other directly violates BSA rules. That said:

Having read the shooting sports manual many times, I am confident you do NOT need to have any certification to shoot nerf guns. I further think that you can setup many fun shooting games with the use of nerf guns which don’t involve shooting each other.


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