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NESA membership

Hi all.
So I’ve had an NESA neckerchief going back nearly twenty years at this point but haven’t been involved with the NESA in any capacity. I recall receiving emails several years back about an alumni directory of sorts but never paid too much attention.
Where could I go to find information about my membership status? (Did I get a lifetime membership at some point? Thanks mom?.. ha) Honestly not sure where to look or how to find that all out.

@Back2Gilwell - i would start the search with the NESA website, scoll to the bottom and click on the contact us link. I do recall the published directoryas something that exists. Nit being an eagle scout I do not have a great deal of Intel.

and NESA staff has taken a pretty big hit as all BSA has - sent in Son’s NESA Lifetime in DEC still have heard nothing

I can confirm that the directory was up for a while, but I haven’t been able to find it in a while.

From a February 22, 2021 thread:

This is a starting place. As an alumni, you can enter your contact details and info about your council(s). You can also add NESA membership details, if you know them.

There is also the search ability if you want to find a scouting buddy from years ago.

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While I don’t think that’s the answer to see if I’m a lifetime member (thanks past-self, maybe?) - I think that’s a good place to investigate through

I just checked out that directory. It would be nice to be able to input other awards that you have earned.

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I have noticed that the Eagleletter has ceased publication, just like Scouting magazine.


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