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NESA problems registering/paying for scouts

Hi, our eagle coordinator in our troop is unable to register new eagle scouts in NESA. She is able to get thru registration but unable to pay. I believe she has tried to contact NESA but hasn’t gotten any response. Anyone here able to help that i can put her in direct contact with?

She says “Still having trouble registering w NESA. I get thru the registration but payment page is a loading loop and I can’t continue.”

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@BRIANCOLTON I would recommend contacting your local council, and ask them to report the issue up to their national BSA contacts.

well, somehow, we were able to get our scouts registered with NESA when it started working again. if anyone above had anything to do with that, thank you :slight_smile: we had asked here and emailed our council but no response, but maybe it was a miracle or a quiet assist :slight_smile:

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