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Netsmartz is gone...Cyber Chip can no longer be earned...hope you weren't trying to make rank!

So…what do we do now? Simply sign off on the requirement, as there is no longer anything for them to do?

I hope the BSA learns their lesson, drops this terribly implemented program, and puts everything needed in the handbook.


It looks like they’re relaunching their site in August, and the requirements are at the BSA’s website here. A bit of digging around can still get you to the Friend or Fake video, so I suspect a lot of the other content is still out there.

That said, I have always been leery of program resources that are in-licensed without a BSA-maintained source.

ETA: Stupid auto-mistake! I can create typos without help, thanks.

ETA2: The project kit for older scouts is here, now, although I don’t immediately see the teachable recipes that we used for the Cub Scouts.

This kind of stinks for our scouts going to Summer camp, registered for Photographer, Digital Tech.

SUAC is sending out requests on this for more info

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Hi, @JeremyBurg,

I’m pretty sure all of what’s needed for the older scouts it still available on the site, it just takes a bit more digging to locate it. As far as the Scouts BSA youth who are in Grades 5-8, I haven’t tracked the teaching resources (teachable recipes & mini-lessons) down on the website as yet.

A little googling around got me the BSA teachable recipes, which are for scouts in grades 4 & 5.

I don’t recall the name of the file for the mini-lessons, but I suspect someone who has a downloaded copy could probably use that filename to locate it in either the wayback machine or a cached page from Google.

Under the CyberChip Requirements (on the page above) - you can click the CC you need and get to each individual thing needed from there.


How do you get to the “mini activities” file that was required for grade 6-8?

I will point that out to contact

Same question with the “teachable recipes” that is required for grades 4-5?

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Actually, the links to to obtain things like the the teachable recipes (grades 4-5), the mini-lessons (Grades 6-8), and the Student Project Kit (Grades 9-12) are all broken.

In fact, when I try to run any of the videos, all of the ones (except at the grades 9-12 level) appear to be broken whether I try Firefox, Chrome, desktop or mobile.

This one you can work around. See my post above. The mini-activities file was apparently called BSA-MiniActivities.pdf, but I can’t immediately locate it online googling around.

Yes, I saw (and thank you!).

But you can’t easily get to them just by going the link below:

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Yeah I just did a full site rip on their server and the documents are not there - I wonder if they had a address

This is the 9-12 Student Project Kit I think

Student_Project_Kit_V1.5.pdf (1008.1 KB)

It looks like they’ve updated all the links on the Cyber Chip page to go to their new online destinations.

Recharge information is still missing, as well as the teaching lesson pdfs.

@JoeMcKinley - are you referring to the 6-8 mini lessons on teaching pdfs? I have reported those and the Recharge info (just reported) - or a different teaching lesson?

The “teachable recipes” for grades 4-5 are also missing.

The recharge activity for grades 1-3 and 4-5: read “Delivery for Webster” is missing.
The e-book no longer works, but the pdf is still available.

Recharge activity for grades 6-8:
Watch “Profile Penalty”

Grades 9-12:
Watch “Survivor Diaries”


OK @JenniferOlinger - all that sent in as well