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New Advancement Chair w/ Advancement Report, "Need to Purchase" Issues

I am trying to produce Advancement Reports for my Pack and create a Purchase Order from the “Need to Purchase” tabs are visible but do not work. I just received my position permissions on Scoutbook and I am given all Den Admin rights and a title of Committee Member. I was told I need to become the Unit Advancement Chair title as well to get Advancement reports, if I do will that automatically give me Pack Admin rights? I just want to make the ordering and advancement report process 100% electronic but I cant seem to get to this last hump.

  1. Are you using Internet Advancement or Scoutbook?

  2. If you are using Scoutbook, then you need to be a Pack Admin or a Unit Advancement Chair with Edit Advancement or Full Control permissions to all Scouts in the pack. (Some reports require Full Control.)

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Looks like that is my issue. Im using Scoutbook.

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