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Has anyone reviewed the new Annual Unit Charter Agreement https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/membership/pdf/524-182_web.pdf with their COR and Charter Organization Executive Officer. The new charter adds 4 new areas that the Charter Organization agrees to.

  • Be a good steward of unit resources and adhere to BSA Fiscal Policies. ie. Unit Money Earning projects.
  • Actively participate in the local councils annual giving campaign and product sales to ensure quality Scouting throughout the community. (ex. Friends of Scouting campaign, popcorn, camp card, etc.)
  • Encourage the unit to maintain accurate and timely registration records of all its youth and adult members. Utilizing BSA’s online registration tools like membership leads, online applications, and online recharter. (no leader is registered w/o YPT)
  • Coordinate with the local council to provide annual recruitment opportunities to grow the BSA movement as well as publicize BSA through inhouse publications.

What does this mean to the units? When does this new agreement become effective as we are in the recharter process?
Also Document seems to have been rushed out as it was not well proofed (bullet 4 under Charter organization) and has no date on. Properties show it was published on 23 Nov 2020

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It is interesting that there appears to have been no communication about the changes or discussion of the changes with units. The change in language does have huge potential implications for chartered organizations and scouting units. It would be helpful to have a statement issued by national and/or council about the changes and their intent. These are legally binding documents and it is important that everyone know and understand what is being expected and how these will be monitored and enforced. This sort of thing makes me worried that we may need to get legal counsel involved in the annual recharter meeting with our chartered organization.

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The BSA does not monitor these forums. If you have concerns, I suggest speaking with a member of your Council professional staff.

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You are surprised? Transparency hasn’t been the BSA’s strongest attribute.

This is interesting:

Units must not use the Scouting program to pursue any objectives related to political or social advocacy, including partisan politics, support or opposition to government action, or controversial legal, political, or social issues or causes

This seems to contradict this new Diversity MB they are coming out with. Based on the very title of this new Merit Badge only it appears the BSA is using the Scouting Program to “pursue” objectives to social advocacy.

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